Environmental Concerns

Green Church / Green Home

Becoming a Green Church!

We are seeking to be a "Green Church" by purchasing, using and recycling wisely.

And encouraging others to so the same. You will note some of the measures around the church buildings in some of the things we do.

Here are the "Action Steps" that we are taking to become a Level 1 Green Church this year.

Check back here for tips and resources.


Energy Resources (PDF)                           Home Heating Tips (PDF)

A couple of websites for additional resources:

1. Enjoy outdoor recreation of some sort and promote a healthy lifestyle?
2. Buy locally grown food and locally manufactured items?
3. Collect rainwater in a rain barrel for gardening?
4. Buy items that are made of recycled materials and are not encased in layers of packaging?
5. Recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and tin cans, plastic containers, boxboard, 
and other designated items rather than just throwing them away?
1. Protect your home using thermal windows, shades, and doors, 
and extra insulation in your attic? 
2. Take fewer baths and shorter showers and turn off water 
when you are not actually using it? 
3. Turn off lights when you leave the room and use timers and motion sensors 
with security lighting? 
4. Walk or bike or use mass transit to get to work rather than use a car? 
5. Buy Energy Star appliances when the old ones need to be replaced? 
6. Use compact fluorescent lights for lighting inside and out? 
7. Avoid excess and waste in your daily routines of life? 
8. Maintain an efficiently operating heating system? 
9. Keep your car engine tuned up properly and the tires inflated 
to the recommended pressure? 
10.Use pesticides and herbicides sparingly and responsibly around your home or
 avoid them altogether? 
1. Compost your garden, yard, and vegetable waste? 
2. Discover new uses for old items? 
3. Carry home your purchased items in a reusable fabric bag 
rather than accepting the paper or plastic bags? 
1. Landscape your yard with native plants and plant trees strategically for shade? 
2. Find new, creative, and earth-friendly ways of doing things and share them with others? 
3. Seek more opportunities to learn more about environmentally friendly life ethics, 
sustainable living, and natural resource conservation and bring a friend with you? 
 (Courtesy of White Memorial Foundation of Litchfield)

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