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Roxbury Church has a SERRV Shop located in Fellowship Hall. 


Fairtrade gifts, handmade crafts & foods sourced globally from artisans around the world. Make a difference while shopping for unique home & garden decor, fashion, and more.


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For over 70 years, SERRV has worked to alleviate the effects of poverty through our direct connections with global artisans and farmers. We market their handmade crafts and foods, work with them to find joint solutions to their challenges, and support them as they grow and embrace the future while bringing beautiful fair-trade products to the United States.


Fighting global poverty through fair and ethical trade

One of the first fair trade organizations in the world, SERRV International began its mission by helping displaced European refugees trade their handicrafts for income after the Second World War. Since then, we've extended our reach to 24 countries worldwide, working to empower over 8,000 artisans and farmers every year by selling their beautiful handicrafts.


Social impact

For 70 years, the nonprofit SERRV International has made it a  priority to ensure that artisans and farmers living in poverty are treated with respect and dignity, and are paid fairly for their work. With your help, we're connecting families and strengthening communities worldwide.

SERRV Believes In:


    • Creating employment. SERRV works to provide employment opportunities to all artisans, regardless of gender, race, or religion. We also work to prevent child labor, instead making sure artisans' children stay in school and have brighter futures.


    • Paying fair wages. Artisans working with SERRV are paid fair wages in advance, to ensure they can support themselves and their families while they work.


    • Encouraging sustainable practices. SERRV cares about the planet and encourages artisans to use sustainable crafting methods and recycled materials in their handcrafts. Here at home, we also use recycled cardboard shreds to pack our products for safe shipping.


    • Supporting community development. SERRV provides loans and donations to help build workshops, fund healthcare, and education initiatives, recover from natural disasters, and additional community improvement projects as needed.


  • Preserving traditional crafting techniques. SERRV employs artisans who utilize traditional crafting methods, patterns, and materials to create their handicrafts.
SERRV SHOP Staff: Susan Zappulla-Peters & Barbara Cover


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